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August 2, 2018
How to successfully submit your MBA THESIS?
How to successfully submit your MBA THESIS?
May 29, 2019
writing a literature review dissertation,

writing a literature review dissertation,

What is a Literature Review?

Definitions for the term literature review may vary from different school of thoughts. Let’s try to define the term by breaking it in to two sections and define it literally. First, taking the word “literature”, which means “any work considered of high importance. It can be any published form of literature such as books or other writings.” After that, if we can take the word “review” which means, “formal assessment or critical appraisal”. Therefore, the term can be defined as; “evaluation & assessment of the published writings making the changes hence, where necessary.”

Referring to dissertation writing, literature review is a section or part of a dissertation which present the written material or work related to the topic and research questions proposed. The section is highly significant for the overall dissertation as it represents the individuality and importance of the research topic in the light other contributions previously made. This section helps to build the complete dissertation and is almost equal to half of a complete dissertation. Therefore, literature review consist of a whole chapter which further can be divided in to sub-sections discussing about assorted themes/issues related to the study.

How to start working on Literature Review?

  • Search
  • Evaluate
  • Analyse

So, now when you are starting your literature review it is important for you to search, gather and analyse all the literature (previous studies) available related to your topic, research questions and are applicable to the theme of your study.

You are free to include authentic material from all authentic sources and not restricted to use Books, Journals/Articles followed by Published/Unpublished dissertations only. Sometimes, it is very useful to include relevant material from magazines, journals, government agencies etc. Many students find it difficult to search and get the most relevant articles and journals as searching itself is an art. Furthermore, it is also a problem that most of the sources are not free to access and some are simply not accessible for students such as highly secured documents available at international libraries and official websites. You can get access to these articles and sources through the essay writing service or assignment writing service.

Literature review for a dissertation needs a broader more discussion but, the above summary will definitely be effective for a boosting start. Starting up on your dissertation with keeping the above in focus and then moving on. The next steps like structuring the literature review and structuring the literature review chapter with in the dissertation meeting the standards can have more greater and positive impact on the dissertation. Dissertation writing & writing a literature review is always an interesting topic to talk about which also needs to be discussed deeper every time. If you are having difficulties in your literature review start-ups you can also try to get a literature review from an authentic dissertation writing service or a thesis writing service.



  • A quality literature review requires to classify and clutch common issues/themes/areas of discussion. The literature should be based up on identifying and grouping together similar studies.
  • It is essential to compare, contrast and evaluate research/themes/issues.
  • Apparently, mentioning how research/themes/issues have developed over time as well as the current state of research.
  • Find the gaps in research and areas that can be further elaborated in the study.
  • Determine, explain and demonstrate why your dissertation topic and research is relevant to your field of study.

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