Importance Of Literature Review For Dissertation

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June 21, 2018
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June 21, 2018
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Importance of Literature review for dissertation

Proofs and evidence are essential to win any of the case. Same goes for the literature review, as it work as the evidence and support to authenticate any of the research. Dissertation writing is a challenge that is not taken up by everyone. This is the reason many top dissertation writing services are available at our ease at very large scale. However, literature review is the most important part of dissertation, the other components should also be written appropriately with complete expertise in order to achieve best dissertation.

Literature review is the compilation of all relevant findings, theories and concepts presented by the multiple researchers and authors to support or reject any thought or idea. Literature is very important element for dissertation writing as it holds a significant contribution of knowledgeable authors that actually play a role as an evidence to authenticate the claims and the hypothesis mentioned in the study.

Literature review, at times answers the research questions and let past researches to validate the concepts and theories mentioned as the answers of the questions. Literature also ensure the answers of the questions popping into the head of readers while studying the dissertation. Not only answerable, but also exemplify the contributions and findings of researchers’ literature review. This presents that you are willing to convince the readers that your study is important and needs to be done.

Literature review writing provides an opportunity to present critical analysis and use existing perceptions as per the study demands. Literature plays a vital role in identifying the gap which your study can fill, by demonstrating that your understanding towards the field is significantly enough. This also become a huge basis for generating hypothesis in order to analyze data statistically.

There is no doubt that the theoretical framework is developed on the foundations of literature review. In fact, it allows you to establish not only your theoretical framework and methodological focus. Even though, if you are working to propose a new theory, method or relationships among variables, you are doing so in relation to what has already been done and discussed in previous researches. Opting dependent and independent variable is all the generosity of literature review and relevant contributions in it.

Literature review is more of a backbone of a dissertation writing. It enables all other components of the dissertation to stand over the concepts provided within the literature and substantiate by the previous researchers. Hence, build up your literature review primarily and give a kick start to your dissertation.

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