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At Papers Junction, you will find team of vibrant, supportive and diverse research community who are passionate and known for their contributions through the research in economic, educational and social well being, on a global scale. We currently have approximately 42 professional doctorate and PhD by Publication who are working to benefit you with our PhD by publication services. Our PhD by publication services are focused on providing students with the standard publication thesis writing services from highly qualified & highly skilled research team along with the publication services. At Papers Junction, we enable and help you to qualify for a higher-level of publication you are aim to get. We empower you to get a global recognition in academia and business. We are affiliated with major Research Councils UK which help us in serving the students for doctoral research. Our 5 recommended publications are funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). As an institution we are committed to work for the development of research standards: the capacity to facilitate students and to act on the commitments that has been made.

Getting Your Thesis Published

Once you will have completed your PhD, you will perhaps want to adapt it for publication. Here are general guidelines and resources about the quite lengthy process of turning your dissertation into a book.


Once you complete your Thesis/Dissertation, you may clutch and snatch the opportunity of a scholarship to start working on your first book or to publish your Research Papers/Thesis/Dissertation. While, your research (dissertation/thesis) usually provides the basis for your book, it is not the book, and adapting the thesis for publication will be your rather daunting task. Furthermore, once your proposal has been accepted by a publisher and submitted for external reviews, you’ll have to go through another round of revisions. This time stretching process from submission of the manuscript for review to publication may last from seventeen to twenty-four months when minimal revisions are necessary, or several years when major revisions are involved and/or a second external review is required. To avoid such lengthy, hectic and time stretching publication process where you always have to wait for rejections, rejections, revisions (perhaps) for all the majors included. Get our writing services for PhD by Publications to get rid of the complete PhD qualms. We have PhD qualified professionals available to serve you for this fastest route to a PhD, usually works as per your requirements for successful submissions. Our experts provide complete work and support in regards to your PhD by Publication work which may comprise papers, chapters, monographs, books, scholarly editions of a text, technical reports, creative work in relevant areas, artifacts, or curatorial production. By registering to our PhD by Publication services, you’ll be able to get complete writing, editing, proofreading and publication services and recommendations from our experts, who will be from relevant academic backgrounds. Their role will be to provide you with complete writing services for your publication alongside: • discussion about the writing processes and materials to include with your thesis submission from your portfolio • complete writing & development of your thesis
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