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Papers Junction Terms (“Terms”) are entered into by papersjunction.co.uk (“Papers Junction”) and the entity executing these Terms or that accepts these Terms electronically (“Customer”). These Terms govern Customer’s participation in Papers Junction’s writing programs and services (i) that are accessible through the website(s) public to Customer in connection with these Terms or (ii) that reference or are referenced by these Terms (collectively, “Programs”). In consideration of the foregoing, the parties agree as follows:


Customer authorizes Papers Junction to place Customer’s provided brief and related material (collectively, “Order”) on any subject or topic (each a “Paper”) provided by Papers Junction on behalf of itself or, as applicable, a third party (“Partner”). Customer is solely responsible for all: (i) Creative, (ii) Content generation or order placing decisions (e.g., tasks) (“Papers”), (iii) Papers to which customer has directed (e.g., Task Brief) along with the related Journals and Articles (“Sources”) and (iv) Writing and Editing (collectively, “Services”). The website is a platform on which Customer authorizes Papers Junction to use various tools and techniques to format and prepare papers. Papers Junction may make available to Customer certain optional Program features to assist Customer with the selection and generation of Creative Content. Customer is not required to authorize use of these optional Content features and, as applicable, may opt-in to or opt-out of usage of these features, but if Customer uses these features then Customer will be solely responsible for the Creative Content. Papers Junction may reject or remove a specific Content or Order at any time for any reason. For example an Order or a Task may be rejected or removed by Papers Junction if it violates the Policies or if Papers Junction believes the Content or Order would expose Papers Junction to liability. Papers Junction may modify or cancel orders at any time. Customer acknowledges that Papers Junction may participate in any benefits in support of its own services and products. Customer may not disclose any information from Papers Junction Features or the terms or existence of any non-public Service Features.
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